Lavender blue, dilly dilly

Lavender water and lavender sachets bring back childhood memories of my grandmother - the sweet relaxing scent always bringing comfort and calm.

Lavender is a clear essential oil that blends well with many other essential oils and has long been used in cosmetics for its scent, but which is also renowned for its therapeutic properties.

Psychologically, lavender is soothing, balancing and calming, helping with mood swings, depression, and PMS. Its relaxing effects can be used to facilitate meditation, and its balancing qualities can restore harmony to one’s aura, helping to balance the chakras (the body’s natural energy points).

Therapeutically it can reduce inflammation, banish toxins, relieve headaches, repel insect stings, support gastro health and more, which is why Lavender really does seem to be a cure-all oil with a reputation going back thousands of years. However, many of lavender’s properties principally stem from its ability to balance and normalise body functions and emotions.

When we were in the early stages of developing our Miracle Salve and looking for oils with natural curative properties to pair with camomile, we were instantly won over by Lavender. With its wonder cures along with that reassurance of scent bringing back many happy childhood memories, it plays a central role in our product range.

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